Thursday, April 24, 2008

And for my next trick...

Two posts in one week.  Then I will probably disappear for a month, but who knows?

I live in an apartment in a sort of historic building.  There's been a ton of work on the place, as it had fallen into serious disrepair over the years.  The last two HUGE projects involve recreating three porches: the main front porch, with a nice little porch on top of it for me (if I want to climb out the window), and a fairly large side porch, again with a second-level porch that attaches to my apartment.  I decided today I'm really looking forward to the side porch.  I access it through French doors, much easier, and I think I'll be able to sit on it in my nightgown.  I like to be outside, but I don't always want to interact with the other seven apartment dwellers on the backyard patios.  I like alternatives.

I mentioned in my previous post that I really need a small, mindless project to work on, and I think I found it.  I had started the Tuxedo Top from a last-year's IK last fall, and didn't get too far.  Right now it's just back-and-forth stockinette and the occasional decrease.  I think I can do it.  By the time I have to do the front plackets and some lacy bits, I should be back on my stride. Though I must admit, the bright orange Trekking XXL is calling my name, for its color alone.  Socks now?  Hmm.  Not sure.  I usually do have a pair going, since they're so easy to transport.  Maybe if I leave the yarn on the table tonight, it will speak to me by morning.

(I'm lucky to have a cat mostly uninterested in yarn, believe it or not.  Mitzie doesn't like tuna water or other people food either, and best of all, doesn't like wet cat food!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Uh oh, I've been spotted!

FiberFollies said she was going to come on over and check out zee blog, so perhaps I should put up a new post.

Not that I have anything to say that anyone else wants to hear.  It has been a little less than jocular around here lately, with not an awful lot of fiber-related activity going on.  I think if I tried knitting or weaving it would be SO VERY TIGHT I'd end up frogging it anyway.  So tonight I watched a Hammy Hamster DVD instead.  That's the complexity level I can handle right now. Never heard of Hammy?  I believe it's a Canadian production; we used to watch it as kids, since we could pick up the CBC from Toronto, even in my dinky little hometown.  Think small rodents and RC vehicles.  And very simple plot lines.  Very simple.

Hopefully in the next few days, things will perk up some.  I do feel the need to start a new project, but it needs to be just right.  Thought it was going to be a Debbie Bliss lacy cardigan thing, but it's taking way more mental prowess than I can give it.  Spinning might be the trick instead.  Productive, yet less taxing.  Perhaps even meditative, and I could sure use some of that.