Monday, December 29, 2008

Here's a crazy thought.

So, what if I blogged more than once every three months?  Would it be productive, useful, entertaining?  There is a constant story line running through my head, and being an elementary school music teacher, I get plenty of material there in addition to the existential blather in constant rotation upstairs.  Does it matter if anyone else reads it, as long as I enjoy doing it?  Will it lead to a book contract?  (C'mon, admit it, fellow read the big ones too, you've seen the trajectory...don't tell me it hasn't crossed your mind at least once.)

I know one thing I need to let go of, both on the blog and in life on the outside, is the outcome.  For someone who is dedicated to process in her classroom, and how it leads to satisfying product, I am not nearly as patient with myself in that regard.  Perhaps that will be the lesson here: to just do something for the discipline of doing it (well, and the enjoyment of it, too...see my header, after all) and not be worried about what it leads to.  Unless it seems to lead to axe murderers arriving on my doorstep, really.

Let's see what happens.  If I can dedicate myself to reducing the number of plastic shopping bags I use by remembering my cloth ones, and to buying free-trade sugar more often,  then I can dedicate myself to this.  I think.

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