Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's a tremendously beautiful day here. Mid-30's, blue sky, no wind, and plentiful SUN. I just got back from a walk up at the nature center, where I haven't been in a while. Probably should wear my hiking boots instead of my ducks next time for a little extra grip, but no bones were broken.

I've also bought paint for my bedroom. "Polaris Blue," a darker smoky blue. I'm trying to decide if I want to start tomorrow afternoon and get one wall done (knowing I won't be able to do any more until next weekend at the earliest) because I can't wait to see how it looks; or wait until I know I can spend a whole Saturday getting one coat on the entire room. This is assuming I could then spend the Sunday immediately following getting the second coat up. A third coat will probably be necessary, too. We'll see.

The Trickey Dickey was finished last night, and it's just right. I'm just about onto the eight inches of ribbing for the hat (it folds in half for two 4" layers). No spinning yet, but there's time.

Now, onto the post title. I wanted to be sure I started with the not-philosophical stuff.

I'm kind of lonely. Not lonely for People. I spend every day except my weekends up to my neck in People. Well, some of them only come up to my waist, but you know what I mean. I even spend extra time after my regular job with more People. I like these people, and I'm grateful to have them in my life. I know many of you spend 24 hours a day with such People, and perhaps are thinking, "Well, at least you have time to yourself. I'd kill for that." Yes and no. I'll explain.

I'm lonely for a Person. And I don't know how to meet one. Or any, apparently...not ones who aren't already married, or looking for someone to raise their three children from two marriages, or in their 40's looking for a 25-to-35 year-old Greek goddess, at least.

The only advice I seem to get is, "You have to get Out There and look!" My first question is, where the hell is Out There? The bar scene? Right. Online dating? Sure. Three months on eHarmony seeing all of those "matches" either never contact me, or never respond when I contacted them...that did my self-esteem wonders, and I had the privilege of paying for it. Art openings and wine tastings and such? Well, here the problem is two-fold:

1) I have yet to go to one of those things where there's someone else looking for company. Generally speaking, you go to them WITH a date or a mate. I'm acutely aware of being The Single One in these groups. Others probably aren't, but I am.

2) And there's the other side of the People problem. By the time I get done with a week of work, I am Peopled out. I've put so much into work, both through the kids and the adults, that I don't have much left. I'm on the introverted side of the scale. Once I've hit my People limit, I start to withdraw, and it's extremely difficult (and rarely successful anyway) for me to fake being social. I know it, and it makes me even more uncomfortable, and the circle continues. I'm not likely to be putting my best foot forward when I'm that strung out, such as it is. I'm not physically tired for the most part, but I'm mentally toasted.

Quitting my day job isn't an option, of course, and financially, I need to keep teaching privately for a while still. This may be faulty logic, but that leads me to believe I won't be meeting anyone anytime soon, given my personality quirks, and I don't like that. I'm tired of going to bed and waking up alone every day for the last three years. I'm not talking just about sex. I'm talking about going to social events alone, and coming home alone, and cooking supper for one. I have friends and family over; like I said, I'm grateful for their presence in my life. But they go home, too. Even I reach my limit of No People, Please. I'm not a hermit or agoraphobic. I take my hikes, and do my shopping, and stop at the LYS and chat. It would be nice to have a lap to rest my head in now and then, too. A Person. For me.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

Understood. I'm not quite at that point yet, but can see getting there. My self-defense against the whole thing is my goal of becoming the crazy goat lady...
All that being said- I don't know that 3 months is a fair trail for a dating site. I know of some people who had luck right away, but I can't imagine everyone does. You're probably hoping for someone pretty unique, and that may take time for him to pop up. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is to put yourself out there- but try not to let your ego be harmed- look at it as they already know they are not special enough for you. hang in there and don't lower your standards- it will happen.

In the meantime, it sounds like you need a fiber festival...

Marcy said...

I'm a big fan of friends of you know anybody with single guy friends?

Barb said...

Ahh, Marcy, you hit on another problem. I don't. I am The Single One, The One Without Kids, and The Divorced One in my cohort around here. The other singles I know are primarily in their 20's. No one's really at a point in their lives where they're on the lookout for a boyfriend for their friend like we were before we got married. They're raising their families, which is absolutely as it should be. I'm sort of off the radar, I think.

Batty said...

I'm a gamer, and female gamers are in short supply. Also, the friend-of-friends approach is a good one. That way, you know he isn't making everything up.

Marcy said...

I get it of course. How about not friends? Fellow teachers' friends? Bingo night? (I'm totally kidding)

Move to Colorado? I know some nice men out here.

Barb said...

There are times when I think a change of venue would be helpful. Many times.