Monday, February 16, 2009

A Monday I Like

Ahhh, the first day of a week off. I'm not often one to sit all day; for one, I have cheapass cable and therefore nothing to watch, unless it's Clifford the Big Red Dog or One Life to Live. No thanks. Also, as the weeks pass and we get closer to a school break, things get left behind in ever-increasing piles. Saturday and Sunday were for reclaiming various flat surfaces, including the kitchen/dining room table, and the bottom of the bedroom closet underneath the laundry basket. It was covered by two weeks' worth of laundry. Good times, good times.

Then we come to a good Monday, meaning I can do whatever the hell I please. I have a list of weird little tasks to achieve this week, including, but not limited to...

*go to Hamlin's (to pick up the sax that got dropped only a little)
*pick up drums from Mardi (who is an art professor at the local university, but yes, she has a dozen of my hand drums at her house)
*order monkey hats and green tinsel wigs (kinky little devil that I am...OK, they're for the play at school)
*make bread (so I can make some giblet's not just for Thanksgiving anymore)
*call mortgage people (yes, you read that correctly...the possibility exists and I will keep you posted)
*mop floors (they're getting sticky in spots)
*go to fabric store for tulle (NOT for a tutu)

I love to make lists, but it's hard not to add more and more to them. There's always something that needs doing, but I need to do some plain old sitting down too. Of course, that sitting down will rarely be ONLY sitting down...there's knitting and spinning to be done, as they got left behind a little as well. I think I've been fighting something off in the last week; even though my schedule was pretty much the same as it always is, I have been absolutely crashing at about 9:00 and sleeping right until it's time to get up at about 6:00. I may even blog some more this week...there's fleece being washed, a tale of what we didn't do in music class last week, and a very good recipe to share that includes lots of fiber as well.

So, apologies for a disjointed post, but I think that's what happens when my brain is unwinding itself from its usual "Go! Go! Go!" operations. I should make more sense by Friday.

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Anonymous said...

I get made fun of for making lists:

* Do dishes

"Do you really need to make a list to tell you to do the obvious?"

...well, yes, because I get great satisfaction by crossing things off.

Sitting down is hard to do sometimes - hope you get to do it and enjoy it. Ooh, and what's going on with the fleece? And what didn't you do in class? I didn't do bodily harm to any of my co-workers today... That must count for something.

P.S. My word verification is wigsted. Too bad it's not wiggreen.