Friday, March 27, 2009

Gems from the music room, part two.

One of my 5th graders celebrated her birthday today, and in the afternoon she and a friend went around school to share her birthday treat: a big ole homemade chocolate chip cookie decorated with chocolate frosting. You know, like the ones you can get at the mall, except 348 726% better.

They came into my room, and the birthday girl asked if I'd like a piece (as IF!). When I of course said yes, the friend replied, "Right here (points), the piece with all the frosting. That's for you."

I have the best kids in the world.


Fujiyamamama said...

It's quite clear that they think that you are the best teacher in the world, they gave you all the frosting!

Barb said...

They certainly know that one of the best ways to keep me happy is to feed me chocolate! :-)

Marcy said...

Such good kids! And the school allows homemade treats?!?

Barb said...

Surprisingly, yes. We have learned to ask, "Did you help make these?" before actually eating things. And somehow, we seem to have no severe food allergies in the building. Don't know how that happened.