Saturday, March 7, 2009

Short and sweet

Still here. Since my last post, it's been wild and doesn't look to be easing up anytime soon. But it's good stuff, so I'm not going to complain.

OK, of course I will, but not in this post.

All the various things for the house are continuing apace-mortgage, inspection, paint-color-fantasizing. I have yet to actually pack anything into a box, but I did take a load of clothes to the consignment store, and another bag to the Salvo, and found some books that can go to the library sale. I've even been going through the kitchen cabinets, wondering why I need a bottle and a half of rice wine vinegar. (Answer: I don't. I only have one bottle now, and zero bottles of Thai fish sauce. I don't think that stuff spoils but the bottle leaks and I'm not moving it.) I almost feel like I want to know that the mortgage is 100% in the bag before I jinx anything with real-live packing, even though my mortgage guy has reassured me that everything is fine, and more than fine. So for the meantime, I'll sort out what's to go in the boxes when then time comes.

Things are looking better for the school district too. I think there will still be cuts, but not nearly the blood-letting that was in the works. Perhaps in the fall I'll be in six schools instead of two, but then again, perhaps my fellow music, art and library teachers and I will still be colleagues. I sure hope so.

Facebook continues to entertain me more than it probably should. I was on the receiving end of some attempted drama, but I don't think you can RRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY say you're on FB until you're involved in some nonsense. As anyone who actually knows me already understands, I don't seek out Teh Drama, but also don't back down from it when it is thrust upon me. Especially if the thrust is lame. I mean, if you're trying to get some scoop or dirt or tearful confession, just come out and say it, OK? Don't foist your insecurities upon me. I shall foist them right back.

I still have a somewhat-less smelly fleece in the washing process; right now, it's been through several soaks in nothing but cold water, which takes care of an AMAZING amount of yuck without boiling water or detergent. It's not exactly clean, but once I put it in the hot bubble bath, I think it will take far fewer rotations through it than the first batch I tried. I also have too many other works-in-progress lying around here. Shameful, except for the socks. Socks don't count in the WIP roundup. Ever. (If they did, the shame would be unbearable. Gotta give myself an out somewhere!)

Thus, blogging will probably be even less frequent than I seem to be achieving these days. But I'll be back, and maybe I'll even remember to bring my camera on these adventures...yeah, you're right, not likely. But a girl can dream, and it's a tactic that seems to be working well for me lately.

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