Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yeah, whatever.

if I ran my classroom like these baboons run their mortgage company, I would have been fired five years ago.

I don't mind that the mortgage was approved with conditions; things like that happen. It's just that each condition has been presented individually, strung out over the last three weeks, as close to the last minute as possible. At the same time, I get calls at work alerting me that Something Must Be Faxed! It Is Needed Now! The Sooner, The Better! Never mind that pesky full-time job with small children running around that prevents me from jumping through the hoop of the day immediately, just get it done.

The hot water issue has been clarified. Now it's the previous (bad) appraisal; don't ask me what bearing at all this has on the current mortgage, since I had to start everything all over again from scratch. Also don't ask me why this little detail, which shows up on the underwriter's decision paperwork as of May 20th, hasn't ever been approached before today, a full month plus five days past.

All I know for sure is that my divorce was smoother and more pleasant than this experience could ever hope to have been.


Marcy said...


No closing tomorrow then?

Barb said...

Nope. They're "shooting to wrap this up by July 2."

Translation: let's screw with Barb just a little bit more, it's fun to make her cry!

(OK, I know it's not that personal, but it's really hard not to go there.)