Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Better already.

So much better, that I think I will have my first blog contest! And what a contest it is: post a comment. Any comment. Whoever has commented before I post again will have her or his name put them in a hat. I'll draw, and you win two skeins of Dale Falk in a nice cream color (0017, I believe). Falk is perfect for Thuja socks, by the way.

School's closed due to a nice layer of ice and sleet, with more predicted through the day. We started off with a two-hour delay, which would have been just fine too. So even though my friend called at 5:30 with the news, I was able to doze back off and get up at my preferred time. (Really, I'm not a late late late sleeper. I was awake by 7:15 and out of bed by 7:30.) This means I won't have chorus at 8:00, which was eleven minutes ago, and that is a wee bit disappointing. This particular group is probably the strongest one I've had in several years, and that makes it a lot of fun, for me and the kids. But the materials I ordered for our next production (a musical play called A Tree in Tappen Wood, by John Jacobson and Emily Crocker) haven't arrived, so we'll call it even and get a fresh start next week.

Putting on these plays is one of my favorite things to do, because it's not like anything else we do in school. (Yeah. It's not testing, or test prep. *cough*) I wish there was more time to rehearse, of course. But somehow, every year, we manage to pull it off, and as soon as we finish one, the kids ask if we're going to do another next year. I try to keep it as kid-produced as possible, with the kids building the sets (hooray for cardboard refrigerator boxes) and making props and such. My art teacher buddy is an amazing help, and my librarian buddy is too. I would love to find a way to get my phys ed teacher buddy involved, but I haven't gotten that far.

So instead, today will be a little bit of cleaning up in Apartmentia, finishing a pair of glittens (one needs an index finger, one needs a thumb), doing a little design work on a vest (which may turn into a sweater if I have enough yarn, we'll see), and if the roads clear up this afternoon, I'll run over to school and warp the loom. I don't have a long enough table to do it here, but the art room does, and it won't take long for a scarf. Need to go to the post office too, but that's just two and a half blocks away. I may or may not have my private students after school, depending on what happens with the roads. So it's a good day to play by ear. I like it.


Rachel said...

Ooh contest! Can't resist :)
(testarossa from KB)

fiberfool on knitty said...

Hi, I am commenting on your blog because I love all my knitty friends!!

Aitara said...

play by ear sez the music teacher. har. *snort*

have you scraped out from under the ice yet? 1/3" on my car tonight after work...guh.

hope you enjoyed your day off!!

Jessica K. said...

Me too, me too! Comment comment comment. Yay.

OfTroy said...

a contest (and i don't want to win!)--I am avoiding (for the most part) occasions of sin (stash increases)--but, i too have been posting (almost every day!) and knitting (5 hats in 10 day!)