Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Two days back into work and I'm bushed. I'm sure no one else gets to ease back into things either, but man, wouldn't it be nice?

Yesterday was long because I went to my beloved chiropractor after school, and that means about two hours of driving for a 20-minute adjustment. (But what a 20 minutes it is.....) You will probably hear about my adventures with chronic migraines from time to time here, and my attempts to get them under control. Along with a battalion of migraine-specific prescriptions, a mood stabilizer, semi-regular massages, and some dietary changes, chiropractic care has been pretty helpful. And since I had one within half an hour of waking up yesterday morning, having an adjustment in the afternoon was a good thing indeed. Actually, I hope to convince my PNP to let me try Topamax (Topomax? Not sure of the spelling, too lazy to look it up) at my appointment on Friday. She wanted to hold off on it to give my current medication a chance, but it seems to be marginally useful in the migraine department. It's doing its job otherwise, but something has to give on the headaches. I average two or three a week. I get fewer when I'm on vacation, of course, and I can run on my own schedule, but that doesn't go over so well when my contractual school day starts right about when I prefer to be stretching and yawning from under the covers. And until I find someone else willing to buy the Little Friskies, I have to get up and go to work. So yeah, give me another prescription. I have to function in the meantime.

Today was long because private lessons got going again today as well. One return kiddo, who is just a delight, a first-grader on piano, with all the signs of being a very talented musician. And he really is plain old delightful. I'll hopefully have his brother, who is equally a joy, before too long as well. Then two new kids, also brothers, and also showing signs of being a lot of fun to work with. Now if we can just get their divorced parents on the same page. I guess it's Mom who will be paying for the lessons, but Dad who brought them today. Mom had mentioned paying me by the month, which is fine...except she didn't mention starting to pay me when SHE brings the kids on her week. And of course, Dad didn't mention he wasn't planning on shelling out until after all the lessons were done. *sigh* I ended up putting the piano-playing brother's new books on my store account too. So they're in hock to me, and I would rather not be in the middle of their little power struggle. I would rather the kids weren't either, because if you're willing to drag an unknowing stranger into your drama, what are you willing to drag your kids into?

I hope I'm wrong about that, and I hope this was just a miscommunication. The kids are nice; they were both smiling by the end of their respective lessons, and I'd like to keep it that way. Because really? That's the payoff.

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