Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dog breath update.

I have spoken to the rescue folks....a long, tearful talk, but with a good resolution at the end. George has already settled into his new home, with another dog to love and an owner who adores him. The lady I spoke to said that both George and Gracie had a rough time of it, and Gracie nearly had to be put down as unadoptable (she is protective, as most female Dals are, and therefore doesn't present as a warm and cuddly family dog). But she's been placed as well. George had a very hard time being separated from her. The rescue people are not particularly happy with my ex either, and another mutual friend who is also a Dalmatian person was furious that it happened. There are so many things we could have tried before events happened as they did. But (and this would be one of the reasons he and I aren't together any more), my ex was helpless in situations that most people would shrug at, and when appropriate times came to get input and/or help from another source, he would suddenly become the Lone Ranger, no matter the impact on anyone else.

But they're going to send me pictures, and while I would dearly love to have them back, they both have good homes with people who love them, and that's what I want the most. I'm also quite sure that the rescue folks will be more than happy to help me get a new dogger when I'm settled into the house. I love older dogs, and there's rarely a short supply of them needing homes.

Please, if you can, consider visiting the Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue website; George's leg surgery cost about $2000, and they're still trying to pay the bill. I've donated towards it, and perhaps you can too. Thanks for the good thoughts. They worked.

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Batty said...

So hard, but I'm sure George will be happy. And so glad Gracie got adopted too...

My MIL adopted 5 elderly little dogs (her friend volunteers at the shelter). One of them is nearly blind. They have a loving home, she is happy to have dogs, all is well. Older dogs need love too. It's easy to get excited about a puppy, but elderly dogs who have lost their human or whose human can't care for them any longer also need love. I think you're doing a wonderful thing.