Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Head Is Full of Snot and I'm Losing My Voice.

And there you have it. Let's hope the allergy drugs kick in really fast.

In other unrelated news...

1. The ignorant fools of the world continue to prove themselves perfectly capable of being ignorant fools. There's a story behind that, but not now.

2. I missed four tiny lines I was supposed to initial on the Universal Mortgage Application. I turned in all the documents on Friday. My error wasn't caught until Tuesday. Does anyone else think the lines should be bigger?

3. My car battery died on Friday, remember? I made a date for an oil change when I picked it up (which is tomorrow). In the meantime, the tire with the slow leak has sped up the process, and the brake-pad sensor went off this morning. Is that a trifecta?

4. In a nod to Kate's blog (One More Thing, over there in the blog list), where today's topic is A Year Ago, today is the anniversary of an event that I still choose not to describe in a blog. Suffice to say, I wouldn't wish it on anyone else, but I don't think I could have avoided it. The important part is that on this day, one year past, I'm still here.

5. And so that we end on a lighter note, Charles (who is my appliance guru at Lowes) called me this afternoon to let me know that the refrigerator I ordered has not arrived yet, and not to be surprised when they deliver everything else tomorrow. I quickly returned his call to say, it's actually a good thing the fridge isn't here, because I don't have a kitchen to put it in yet. I really hope to rectify this situation soon. I'm starting to use boxes as end tables.

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Marcy said...

Maybe you can build yourself a fort with those boxes and a blanket. There are times when sitting under a blanket is pretty cozy.