Friday, May 8, 2009

At least the alphabet goes to "Z."

Plan A: close on house and move in. Paint kitchen yellow, install appliances, throw potluck, drink copious amounts of wine, play music on the porch. Acoustic, of course.


Plan B: move on to second mortgage company, aim to close in early May, repeat Plan A.


Plan C: move into landlord's extra apartment (read: I lived in better places in college) until a pre-possession agreement is completed, thus allowing me to move into the house before closing.

Sigh. No hot water heater in extra apartment. I'm actually relieved by this. It's a DUMP.

Plan D: Remain in current apartment, but take out every last non-essential item and put in storage next door. Think about it as stripping down for battle. Vacate apartment next Thursday. Go to sister's Friday night, seeing as we're going to Philadelphia Saturday morning anyway. Stay Saturday night at sister's as well. Probably couch-surf at Mom's after that. Cross fingers that this extra week will a) get me that much closer to a closing date, which will lead to b) getting the pre-possession agreement. Return to Plan A.

And just in case:

Plan Z: Reserve space in the Behavioral Health Unit at Cayuga Medical Center.

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