Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's today, anyway?

Wow, May 24. It's taken me two weeks just to tone down enough to realize things are OK. Not going exactly according to plan, but perfectly OK.

I'm still upstairs at my friend's house. The mortgage is moving at a glacial pace, and honestly, at this very moment, I can't bear to go into more detail than that. At least one person per day asks how it's going, and I have taken to describing the special hell that this is, and concluding with, "Please don't ask anymore. I'll let you know when something actually happens. Explaining it three separate times to mom, dad, and sister is enough. (Mom and Dad always get separate phone calls, Sister gets peeved if she gets information second-hand, even if it causes more stress for me.)

Now, being at my friend's house has brought blessings. First off, of course, is a safe and lovely place to live. I miss my cat, but I visit often, and her URI has cleared up nicely. I miss cooking but don't seem to be starving. It is a little odd having someone else wash my few dishes and do my laundry...that's part of the deal of living here. It was very hard for me to accept that help. I don't want to be a bother, and I'm used to taking care of everything.

But what being here has done is given me the gift of time. Since I'm not dealing with many of the practical details of life, I'm not getting so slammed with the mortgage crap. I'm better rested. I have time to just rest, quietly, and a beautiful side effect of that is having some creative ideas coming back. The will to be creative is returning. I'm not quite ready to have a book or fiber design burst forth, but I feel like I have enough energy to get started again.


jpknits said...

Here's hoping your weekend includes some of that good, restful, idea-gathering time!

All the best.

Barb said...

Thank you! I'm off to a good start. :-)