Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So unoriginal...

But I'm not sure I have the brain cells to BE original. So I give you:


1. My head is less full of snot and my voice is back. (I completely lost it for two days.) However, the allergies seem to be moving house into my eyes. Either that, or I'm on the verge of a yeast infection brought on by the antibiotics. Yes, in my eyes. It's happened before and is quite unpleasant.

2. I too will be moving house this weekend. Hopefully into the house I'm buying, in a prepossession agreement. Apartmentia is being absorbed into the larger borders of the Pine Street Apartments. If not into my house, then into a currently empty apartment of my landlord's. In a different house. I prefer the former. Can you guess why?

3. This doesn't mean I'll be closing on my house. It means that Apartmentia has been rented to the New Guy currently in the furnished, all-inclusive (read: expensive) apartment next door. It also means that New Guy's apartment has been promised to people coming in for the LPGA tournament next week (read: WICKED expensive).

4. I probably won't close for another three weeks, and that's being very optimistic.

5. The current mortgage industry is a slow-moving barge, and I am caught in its wake. It would appear that lenders are looking for ways NOT to lend, and are going through applications and such with a fine-toothed comb. Which is just dandy: for how long did they lend insane amounts to people who couldn't verify their employment? And now that people like me and a couple of my friends (you know, the ones with steady jobs, downpayments, and reasonable expectations of what we can afford) are getting screwed. It won't be any bailout money or liquidation of "toxic assets" that drags the housing market up: it will be the lenders deciding to do what they're supposed to do. And that is LEND RESPONSIBLY. (Starting with me, of course.) As usual, it will be the middle class, the backbone of our nation, that shoulders the burden.

6. Sorry if that last sentence is offensive. After a month and a half of getting jerked around, it's the only conclusion I can draw about the situation.

7. I wish it would rain...

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