Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally, A Place to Lay Blame.

If you check out my comments from yesterday, you will see two fine pieces of wisdom. I'm chewing them over some more; perhaps savoring is a better term. Good stuff.

But on a lighter note, I think I know what brings these little episodes on:

PBS pledge drives. The television ones, not the radio drives.

I'm not kidding. I can look at the biggest examples of life-crap in the last few years, and gosh darn it, there is ALWAYS a pledge drive on when they happen. I am even a MEMBER of my local public broadcasting station. What do they have against me???!!! Why must you break my heart, Antiques Roadshow, why???


Anonymous said...

OMG, and Antiques Roadshow is just about the best show in the whole world. There's got to be some kind of answer to this, but I hope it doesn't involve going on a PBS diet.

On a serious note, while further mulling over our blogospondence, I was thinking about your friends standing by you, like you mentioned. And it occurred to me, shouldn't we be our own friends and stand by ourselves too, even during rough times?

Marcy said...

Why do pledge drives always have bad television related to them. My PBS stations would axe Antiques Roadshow and put on the Three Andorran Contraltos or A Drama in 56 very dull Parts.
I'd be more likely to donate if I wanted to actually watch the show.

Anonymous said...

On a fun note, many years ago during a PBS pledge drive I discovered Red Dwarf- a ridiculously hilarious British sci-fi spoof. So, not all pledge drives are bad. (but this one was in Seattle, so who knows?)

Again, Linnea is right- you do have to be your own friend. That's hard- our instinct is to take care of everyone else and be hardest on ourselves. And nothing is easy when you're in the middle of not feeling right. Hugs. (and do something utterly childish like throw spitballs at the tv during the pledge drives)

...e... said...

barb. there is ALWAYS a pledge drive on when they happen because there is ALWAYS a pledge drive on. ALWAYS!