Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pajama Day 1

Pajama Day 1 because I expect there to be many more Pajama Days here from the corner of Purl and Intarsia. I was going to change the blog over to that, wasn't I? I still will. Pajama Day was an official holiday when I lived in Apartmentia. I briefly considered trying to incorporate myself as a self-sustained foreign country while I rented, so I could could get foreign aid money. It never worked out, but Pajama Day stuck. And today is perfect for it, as it's damp and rainy, and I'm getting over the back-to-back sinus infections I seem to have acquired in three weeks of school.

So, some catching up:

I went to Rochester yesterday with my dad and his ladyfriend, and we saw Cirque du Soleil's "Alegria" production. Oh my. If you ever, ever get a chance to see one of their productions live, do what you must to get there. I started watching the Bravo channel marathons (usually Thanksgiving weekends, perfect as I was always wiped out from cooking the day before), and while those are pretty fascinating, there is no comparison to live. Breathtaking. I didn't want it to end.

Bathroom progress is slow...and I can't even say steady right now. There's cement board around the tub, and drywall ready to be installed in the room below and one small corner in the bathroom. Except the drywall was supposed to be hung this week, not just delivered to my eventual office; at least, that's what I thought was going to happen. There may have been a glitch in our communications. Either way, Fred said to me, "You're going to be happy on Monday when you come home and the drywall is up," and I agreed...but added, "I will be even HAPPIER when there's a sink and toilet in the same room as my tub." And since they won't go in until the vinyl is laid, and that won't happen until the tile is installed, and that won't happen until the drywall is can see where I'm going with this. Right now, the positive spin on this is if I get my keester over to the paint store (yes, we still have a free-standing small-business paint store in town, and I am devoted to helping it stay open) and get some white enamel for the wainscoting, and the pretty pale pink for the walls above it, I can make a huge mess painting without worrying about the floor.

Went for a medication check-in Friday morning, and it was decided that perhaps we have a touch of the small black dog rearing its little head as the days get shorter. We aren't famous for our abundant sunshine up here anyway, and we're heading into nine more months of it. SAD, anyone? The good news is that the Lamictal is doing its job in the migraine-prevention department admirably; we may still need to up the dose, but we're going to give the Wellbutrin a chance to quiet the black dog first. I'm hopeful that I'll feel some relief before too long. I've been in worse places, but being in a better place is still attractive.

I know that I feel better when I do get out for some exercise, even when it's not sunny; unfortunately, one of things that happens when the black dog comes to call is that I hibernate (not unusual, I know). Any suggestions on how to overcome this part? It seems that if I could just sustain it for, let's say, a week, I'd probably see some results, and therefore continue. Or does it take longer? I tend to think of exercise in terms of forced labor; something you have to say you do before the doctor yells at you, or that has to have a productive outcome (it's OK to ride my bike to the store, but it's not OK to just go for a ride because it's a nice day-that's time wasted and you KNOW you have other things to do).

Hmmm. Perhaps we should investigate these Puritan overtones instead?


Fujiyamamama said...

I think Pajama Day should be a national holiday, and all other family members must leave the house. They can only return if they are bearing cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fujiyamamama and vote that we petition Obama to nationally recognize Pajama Day. (Although I do wear scrubs, which are kind of like pajamas, just that you don't generally have to deal with lots of demanding patients when wearing plaid flannel pants...)

I too once looked into declaring a small piece of land somewhere my own country, but couldn't find anything. Wasn't there a movie made about that? Some guy who declared an abandoned oil rig Steveistan, then declared war on the US so he could get relief aid?

As for exercise, I'm not the best person to offer advice, since my routine has been smashed to bits since I started working again. But, I do know the feeling (and tend to hibernate as well). What if you just got out/up and did something unusual/out of the ordinary for ten minutes? Like, walk up and down the stairs yodeling at the top of your lungs? Or jump rope for a minute, rest for a minute, repeat?

mindy said...

SAD seems to get a bit worse each year for me. Stupid SAD. About the exercise- I make myself do it 3 times a week, only cuz the sane and smart part of me knows that by wasting that little half hour, I do feel better generally, and I do sleep better- which is a HUGE deal. Maybe you could give yourself knitting or spinning rewards?